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I'm Isabelle. I'm 29. I'm 50/50 Norwegian American. 

What would you decide to write in a personal bio? 

I have no idea. I'll start where it seems appropriate.

I was born in Oslo on what I like to think was a crisp fall evening back in September 1988.

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Isabelle Ringnes is the co-founder of TENK, the Technology Network for Women, (, co-founder of #ShesGothThis#Hunspanderer focused on gender equality, host of the podcast 20-30, faculty at Singularity University Nordic, board member at the financial application Kron, member of the global shaper community, author, blogger and public speaker. 

I enjoyed a very nice life in Norway until 2012.

Then I moved to New York. 

I started my masters degree in Media Management at the New School. During the course of two years my life was transformed. I found my passion and it was technology.

- The way there was not a given. Before technology found me, I was somewhat of a schizophrenic. Over the course of ten years I studied psychology, business, coaching, media and nutrition. I worked in marketing, fashion, TV and as a journalist. -

I was fortunate to land an internship where I got to write about emerging startup-trends in the city on a daily basis- and since (nearly) every startup these days is tech-centric I got to dive into a lot of fun and disruptive new ideas and businesses created by young entrepreneurs from around the globe.

That made me realize that my passion for technology is not fueled in nodes and algorithms but in its vast opportunities and unique ability to empower each and every connected human-being to make a positive difference in the world. Technology, in my point of view is a way to democratize the world. 

In 2015 I left New York for Stockholm. I was offered a trainee-position for an awesome media-tech company called Schibsted, and got the chance to get my hands dirty in product management, tech and UX- all my favorite stuff. 

And then life catches you by surprise. In 2016 I suddenly won a scholarship to attend Singularity University Global Solutions Program. 

So I packed my bags and spent ten weeks at NASA Research Center in Silicon Valley learning about exponential technologies- learning how they can be applied to solve humanity's global grand challenges. 

I am an advocate for gender equality and women in tech.

During the fall of 2014, I founded a Tech-network for women in Norway together with my former employer at VG. If you are half as passionate about tech as I am, I urge you to check out our website to join events and future projects and follow our facebook page for updates on the tech-scene in Oslo. Our goal is to inspire women and girls to lean in and contribute to shaping our world’s future with technology. In two years, TENK has reached and spoken to thousands of women, toured Norway to speak to more than 4000 high school girls with NHO, co-established an annual national Girl Tech Fest teaching middle school girls coding in addition to a Tech- Summer Camp for girls. 

I love technology and my mission is to inspire young girls to realize its immense opportunities in hope that they will lean in and contribute to shaping our future.

I'm not a developer my self; my strength is communication. So I research, write, produce a podcast and publicly speak about emerging trends in tech on a weekly basis.

Feel free to follow my blog on medium, listen to my podcast or watch some of my talks

I'm co-founder of #ShesGotThis, a company focused on addressing gender stereotypes and subtle discrimination in the workplace. We originally founded #ShesGotThis (#Hunspanderer) in Norway 2015 as a non-profit. Following two successful campaigns in Norway, both reaching millions of people and engaging multiple CEOs of Norway’s largest companies to address the issue, we have now created a company which is working on finding validated solutions to increase diversity in organizations as well as launching globally under the hashtag #ShesGotThis. 

I produce a weekly podcast called 20-30 where I discuss my favorite topics with digital nomad and writer Astrid Dyson. We talk about technology, entrepreneurship and female empowerment. 

I've been nominated for several awards including "Inspiration Award 2017", "Girls Award 2017" by Plan Norge, "Digital Super Profile" in 2016 and was appointed a “Distinguished Alumni” at the New School where I graduated with a masters in media management. I was appointed Inspiring Fifty Nordic’s most inspiring women in tech and one of the “100 most influential people in Nordic tech” appointed by Slush and The Nordic Web.  

I'm also a board member at the financial investing startup Kron, active in the Global Shapers Oslo community, a writer and a public speaker about future technology and female leadership.

I am also very excited to have become faculty at Singularity University where I get to talk about my expertise on diversity. 

I'm generally an oversharer on social media, so feel free to follow along on Facebook or Instagram.

If you're interested in public speaking or have other inquiries:

Oh, and if you want to learn more about tech and coding and looking for some good online resources- I put together my favorite ones here.