For our final presentation in Managing Innovation in The Media, our team created an augmented reality presentation in which we introduced our ideas for how we envision the newspaper industry will be disrupted through innovative technology and global, open source structure in the future. Our team consisted of Carmel Pryor, Antonina Writes, Ruben Salvadori, Mirjam Karstoft and lead by Isabelle Ringnes. The class was taught by Professor Charles Warner. The individual scripts are produced and written by us. Video editing and augmented presentation was produced by Ruben Salvadori. 


Click on the play button in the middle of the image to see our presentation on disrupting the newspaper industry for The New School using augmented reality. 

To see the individual video presentations, feel free to watch our videos below. 

The written script can be found here.

Click on the image below to browse the gallery.

We also created a Twitter account in which we tweeted articles relevant to our research. 

To make the augmented reality presentation we used Layar technology.