Learning how to code 101 / by Isabelle Ringnes

Code is on my mind! Being passionate about technology makes me want to learn how to create things myself. I see developers get an idea and within a week have a functioning MVP (Minimal Viable Product). As I just graduated and have some time before I go into my job in August, I decided to delve into some front-end coding on SkillsCrush. SkillsCrush is a site dedicated specifically to women who want to improve their coding skills. 


I am very interested in design. I want to increase my design skills, but to do that I also want to know how to translate designs into code. Definitely a challenge, but HTML and CSS are pretty logical if you give them a shot. The next 3 weeks I'll be slurping up coding challenges online while I go to Norway to continue my work on TENK and #detkreversinmann. #detkreversinmann is a campaign I am working on together with a bunch of cool and passionate people and our goal is to spread an awareness campaign for gender equality with the overall ambition to decrease subtle gender discrimination issues.

We believe that gender equality can only be fully achieved if men and women work together. Men are not the problem, but part of the solution! Every women experiences some form of gender discrimination on a daily basis and it is prime time to raise the spot light and eliminate many of the subtle factors that hold us back and discourage women from reaching their full potential. Norway is a pretty equal country compared to the rest of the world, but we still have a ways to go. I am excited to launch this campaign in the spring and look forward to telling you more about it. 

Stay tuned and in the meanwhile you can check out the website I made for us here.  It has all the information you need if you want to get involved!