3D print your own make-up by Isabelle Ringnes

Grace Choi demonstrating the Mink printer that may revolutionize the beauty industry. 

Harvard graduate, Grace Choi, recently introduced a new technology and product that may disrupt the beauty industry. Essentially, Choi created a product that allows consumers to 3D print their own make-up in whatever color they want using high quality ingredients- within the comfort of their own home. 

The prototype, called "Mink", let's users choose exactly what colors they want and print out the make-up in that exact hue using a specific software that she has designed. Consumer's can simply locate colors online, use a software that identifies the hue's hexadecimal number and then print the colored dye onto a powder substrate that resembles the raw material of branded make-up. 

The material is described as high quality and FDA-approved cosmetic-grade dye. The printer's cost is estimated at $300 USD and will be about the size of a Mac Mini. 

The product will target young girls who want to experiment with new colors and make-up.