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New Favorites in 2015 by Isabelle Ringnes

I love new stuff, and especially tech-stuff. I decided I would jot down a quick post on some of my favorite new found things in 2015, even though I know many of them saw the light of day before 2015. 

  • Tesla: I got to drive the Tesla Model S during Christmas break and I was stunned. The car makes you not only feel like BatMan, but it works perfectly and seamlessly like any other non-electric car. Dealing with the hassle of charging stations felt slightly annoying at times, and especially during longer drives. However, the feeling of driving a smooth computer trumps that. 
  • Apple Watch: I removed it for one week to see if I missed it. Surprisingly, I did! I had thought I wouldn't, but I found myself constantly checking my phone and worrying whether I had missed something important. Wearing the watch gives me the added security of never missing anything important, all the while being able to disconnect from the time sucking phone. 
  • Venmo/Swish/Vipps/Apple Pay: I love fast and easy payment. Please, dear banks and financial institutions, continue to make payment seamless and convenient. 
  • Squarespace: I have used it for a while, but it keeps getting better. This year I created four website using it. Love it! 
  • Upwork: Found a developer and created two digital products using a creative and smart guy in India. This platform enables anyone to become an entrepreneur quickly. 
  • Sketch: No words for how much I love this design tool. I tried to navigate my way around all sorts of digital tools earlier, as well as get my hands dirty in the Adobe harem. However, with Sketch, I have everything available, it works, it looks good, it is the preferred design tool amongst modern developers and it is so, so damn easy. 
  • Spontano: I recently moved to Stockholm, and just as I used to navigate New York with Sosh, I now use Spontano to find the stuff going on around town. Never a boring evening. 

I got tons more, but these are the most important ones for now. Hope you find joy in one of them too! 

Social Media Cred can give you a cheap luxury hotel room by Isabelle Ringnes

A new start-up called Hotelie will offer the right consumers discounts on luxury hotels based on the amount of social media cred they have. 

“A Hotelie to me is someone who’s in the know, gets access to discounts and rates that no one else knows, so, ‘you’ve been hotelied’ is you’ve been admitted into this group in the know,” explains Zeev Sharon, CEO and Founder of Hotelied to Fast Company. 

The more information you add to your profile the more discounts become available to you.

Hotelie's tagline “It Pays to Be You” capitalizes on the concept of “social media currency” and allows users to get something tangible back for the amount of data they give up. The service is essentially shifting the power structure from companies that wish to use your data for their benefit into benefiting you instead. 

The luxery hotel start-up is in it's initial phase and has currently partnered with 14 hotels in the US, mostly in NYC but is expected to grow quickly.