New Favorites in 2015 by Isabelle Ringnes

I love new stuff, and especially tech-stuff. I decided I would jot down a quick post on some of my favorite new found things in 2015, even though I know many of them saw the light of day before 2015. 

  • Tesla: I got to drive the Tesla Model S during Christmas break and I was stunned. The car makes you not only feel like BatMan, but it works perfectly and seamlessly like any other non-electric car. Dealing with the hassle of charging stations felt slightly annoying at times, and especially during longer drives. However, the feeling of driving a smooth computer trumps that. 
  • Apple Watch: I removed it for one week to see if I missed it. Surprisingly, I did! I had thought I wouldn't, but I found myself constantly checking my phone and worrying whether I had missed something important. Wearing the watch gives me the added security of never missing anything important, all the while being able to disconnect from the time sucking phone. 
  • Venmo/Swish/Vipps/Apple Pay: I love fast and easy payment. Please, dear banks and financial institutions, continue to make payment seamless and convenient. 
  • Squarespace: I have used it for a while, but it keeps getting better. This year I created four website using it. Love it! 
  • Upwork: Found a developer and created two digital products using a creative and smart guy in India. This platform enables anyone to become an entrepreneur quickly. 
  • Sketch: No words for how much I love this design tool. I tried to navigate my way around all sorts of digital tools earlier, as well as get my hands dirty in the Adobe harem. However, with Sketch, I have everything available, it works, it looks good, it is the preferred design tool amongst modern developers and it is so, so damn easy. 
  • Spontano: I recently moved to Stockholm, and just as I used to navigate New York with Sosh, I now use Spontano to find the stuff going on around town. Never a boring evening. 

I got tons more, but these are the most important ones for now. Hope you find joy in one of them too!