Shop Amazon on Twitter by Isabelle Ringnes

Yesterday Amazon launched a new feature that allows consumers to add products to their Amazon shopping carts directly from their Twitter feeds. To use the service, shoppers must link their Twitter accounts to an Amazon account. When brands include an Amazon product link in their Twitter posts, all you need to do is reply to the tweet and include the hashtag #amazoncart. 

Notice that you will not automatically purchase the product, but it will be added to your Amazon shopping cart so that you can purchase it at a later point. This is great for marketers who aim to increase their sales conversion time. 

Similar efforts have been done by brands before. Starbucks allows you to tweet a coffee to your friends. Some doubt to whether or not the service will be successful is raised due to the fact that everyone will be able to see what products you are purchasing. Many people prefer to keep this information private. 

Twitter rolls out Mobile App Install Ads by Isabelle Ringnes

It just got easier for a start-up, developer or marketer to drive consumers to download their mobile apps. 

Twitter recently announced a set of ad creative, targeting and measurements features geared to promoting app installs and engagement on and off their platform. 

Marketers will have the option to buy Promoted Tweets designed to drive installs as well as running campaigns outside Twitter through the company's MoPub mobile ad exchange.

By using the website, advertisers can run simultaneous marketing campaigns to more than 241 million active users on Twitter, and to more than 1 billion mobile devices off-Twitter.

The ad promotion tools are only available to U.S, advertisers while still in private beta.

The company is hoping that the app install ads will be as profitable as they have been for Facebook, which has helped drive the social network's impressive mobile ad growth.  

Source: Twitter