virtual fitting rooms

Virtual fitting rooms? by Isabelle Ringnes

Retail brands are embracing technological developments as they continue to advance with their digital strategies. Now a company called Facecake has launched Swivel, a technology that enables online retailers to upload their entire apparel and accessory lines into a virtual wardrobe in which shoppers can try on clothes in real-time using their webcam (see a demonstration in the YouTube clip below). Make-up brands will likely also be adopting this technology as shoppers can use their webcam to apply makeup in different colors and shades. 

In addition, shoppers can change the backgrounds, snap photos and share them on their social networks. Users can then create polls so friends can vote on which outfit suits them best. 

This opens a vast array of new possibilities for brands to increase their profit and limit the returns from online sales. The technology is new and won't work perfectly yet, but it sure is a huge step towards the future of retail.