Read your book and drink it too by Isabelle Ringnes

Another amazing invention is about the rolled out and may save millions of lives. The "Drinkable Book" essentially teaches water safety, but the real magic lies within the pages themselves that are made of a material that cleans drinking water. The pages, coated with bacteria-killing silver nanoparticles, are meant to be ripped out and used as a filter to kill bacteria that can cause cholera, E.coli and typhoid among others. And the pages last for a month each! 

This book may provide clean water for up to four years.

Waterislife, the organization behind the invention, has launched 100 copies printed in English and Swahili in Kenya, but plan to distribute them globally with time. 3,4 million people die from water related disease each year and most of them have no idea that the water is unsafe to drink in the first place. 

The chemist, Dr. Theresa Dankovich, invented the pages with the bacteria killing effect. Watch the video to see more. Go to this page to help support the project.