MentorMatch / by Isabelle Ringnes

For our fifth and final project we were assigned three developers from the Web Development Immersive program at GA and one UX-Designer from the User-Experience Program. 

I worked with David Carlson Berg, Sofia Petsoulakis and James O'Toole (developers) and Jen Ng (UX). I have always had a dream to create a mentormatching service for companies and communities that connects people with mentors and mentees with similar backgrounds and goals. Our process went very smoothly and in the end we had a fully functioning product to show off. You can view our presentation on slideshare below: 

My documentation is quite extensive so I will not post it all here. However, if you wish to dive deeper into it, you can view the market research document here and the PRD here. 

After two sprints and 17 days of intensive work we presented firstly for my class, followed by a 5 minute pitch for a panel of Venture Capitalists and a larger audience of GA community. 

Want to test the website yourself? Give it a go!