At New York International I was responsible for multiple social media platforms, including the companies LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google + profile. I also helped manage The World To NYC's blog in addition to being responsible for international outreach, information and new partnership relations on our Twitter profile. 

I used the social media management tool Hootsuite to manage the various platforms in an impactful way. 

Social Media Consulting

You can view the Facebook page I set up   here.   

You can view the Facebook page I set up here. 

During the summer of 2013 I was hired as the primary social media manager and consultant at The Norwegian Confederation of Sport and Olympic and Paralympic Committee. My work here included working closely together with a PR team for a campaign to convince Oslo's citizens to vote yes to proceed with a bid to host the Winter Olympics in Oslo 2022. 

I singlehandedly established and produced their social media presence through developing, curating and publishing content on their social media channels. I developed a strategy and functioned as their primary responder to inquires on their social media platforms. I also collaborated with a social media marketing company (Fanbooster) specializing in creating landing pages and applications in order to launch contest aligned with Facebook's previous rules. 

You can view the Facebook page I set up here. I no longer administer this page. 

Find our Instagram account here

Find our Twitter account here. 

Read about Oslo's plans for the Winter Olympics in 2022 here.