I often get emails and phone calls asking how and where to learn more about technology, coding and design. I couldn't be happier about this, but I wanted to put together a page with some of my favorite resources. The internet is a jungle of resources and a quick Google search gets you far. These are the ones I like, have tried, used and would recommend checking out. 


Coding courses designed by women, for women. They offer longer coding courses for front-end and backend, but have a great 10 day free coding bootcamp as well. I love this site because of the examples, the instructor and the general fun feel of tech its able to create. 


General Assembly

I have been a frequent student at General Assembly. I attended their four month intensive product management bootcamp in New York, I attended their UX design bootcamp in San Francisco and their Coding Bootcamp in London. I've also attended a bunch of their evening and weekend classes in everything from digital marketing, photoshop to business and excel. I recommend their on-site classes as they are available in many big cities across the world (I usually take them if I happen to be there through work or on vacation) and they always have great teachers with industry leading knowledge on the topics they teach. I also find GA's online courses a great resource if you're not up for travelling far.  


Khan Academy

Their motto is "You can learn anything. For free. For everyone. Forever". Khan Academy is a great platform to dive into computer programming. Since its free, there is no excuse!